I blow my 38th candle on last 15th May 2017; this is the day on which I look back and try to find that what I lost and achieved as well.
I came into engineering through an inspiration of my father who wanted to see me on the position where I feel individual and help to my parents in their old age. I found I have a capability to think beyond the limit of world and mechanism, I opted math’s amazingly, it helped....
I live in most beautiful city in the world (because I born and brought up over here) i.e. Bhopal, M.P. India, I started my first step of career from TATA India in early this century. I obtained experience in product design, and moved to USA in year 2004. Worked with Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and it was a really incredible time, last work I did with Toyota USA and returned to INDIA in 2008.
I spent my year in industry with Ford Motors Michigan, really enjoyed the surprising engineering innovation in cars, and graduated to a position with Automotive engineering...
My proudest achievement was as a young graduate, being able to technically out-argue the esteemed designers and providers of different systems for many Automotive makers. I proved that the passion of work brings fruitful result.


Why I moved to India! Like many engineers who are working in beyond their home have emotion towards their family wants to stay with forever. A very demanding career was tough to leave but happy to see smile on the faces of my parents and buddies. To be honest, I did not plan for job or any business when I was returning to home. But in 2008 I started a company name “ DAuto” which is fully dedicated for Research, design and development activities in Automotive , Electrical, Power , Civil, heavy industries and various sector.
I now have some time to give to helping people in manner of choosing path for their career. It is only by putting on an open programme as we do, involving academic Institutions, universities and our DAuto CAD School where we can, that the seeds may be planted for the engineers of tomorrow. I am proud of what we have achieved here, and I am specifically passionate about communication and presentation. In the end, successful engineering is all about transmission. I think that's enough.

Looking forward to hear from you in my blog section on business site.